UKA Release Calendar

UKA Release Calendar

All incoming Anime & Manga releases listed.

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Things you don't need but can't live without!
Triggerheart Exelica Alter Figure Review
Triggerheart Exelica Alter Figure

Big, bold and beautifully crafted, this is a fine figure and a worthy addition to your shelf.

Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Petite - Set 2 Review
Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Petite - Set 2

An adorable and colourful set of miniature figures that capture the characters they represent perfectly without breaking the bank.

Muv Luv Alternative: Kasumi Yashiro Review
Muv Luv Alternative: Kasumi Yashiro

Practically perfect in every way, a great addition to your shelf!

Display cases - latro

Hemisphere English Cover (RahXephon) (by Ryoko) (Produced by mynameissport) - mynameissport

Anime/Magna inspired game - AnimeFan

My Collection - Statues Figures and More - AnimeFan

Yuya Sakaki cosplay he - Mrscienceman

Hana Mutou Nendoroid

Another great release for the highly popular line - Captain Earth fans won’t be disappointed.

X Bomber Big Dai-X

Lovingly crafted but poor quality control ultimately fails Star Fleet's secret weapon

Maid Yome - Yuki (18 PLUS)

This version of Yuki is marvellously sensuous and both super-cute and very sexy.

Cat Lap Milk - Native (18 PLUS)

Cat Lap Milk is not only seductively cute but somehow has an air of modesty about her.

Yukikaze - Alter Mecha - FRX 99 Rafe

Simply exquisite. Stunning detail and clean painting make this an aerodynamic masterpiece.

Lucky Star Racing Queens Konata Figure

Solid detailing and a nice paint job bring Konata to life.