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The seminal Tenchi Muyo is out now on Blu Ray for the first time - when first released in 1992, Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki revolutionised the industry, launching Pioneer's renaissance with titles such as El Hazard and Moldiver. If you haven't fallen in love with Tenchi, now's teh time - he's never looked better than he does in HD!

What is the name of the space pirate unwittingly released by Tenchi?

A: Blackbeard

B: Ryoko

C: Washu

Provide your answer along with your name, home address* and e-mail address via the form on this page, and we'll pick out the winner when the competition closes.

* As per our terms and conditions, this competition is open to UK residents only

posted by Ross Liversidge on 22 Sep 2017
Ascendants of Aethoros Play Test

Ross & Bryony attempt to become the ultimate deity in Bushiroad's very cute stand-alone card game.
posted by Rob Jessop on 13 Sep 2017
An Interview About Vampires with Masaaki Yuasa

The director of The Tatami Galaxy, Ping Pong and Kick-Heart was in the UK in the autumn of 2017 to promote his new films 'The Night is Short, Walk On Girl' and Lu Over the Wall. We caught up with him for a short interview about these films and his studio Science Saru.
posted by Ross Liversidge on 10 Sep 2017
UKA Podcast - Of Toys and Men

Ross and Mr Seb are talking card games, importing, toys and more in our latest sojourn into the amazing world of anime. Oh, and news!
posted by Seb Reid on 01 Sep 2017
UK Anime Podcast Episode 5

Mr Ross and Seb are back with another bottle of red to discuss this week's news, reviews and new releases. This week we talk in depth on Netflix's Death Note.