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Thanks to our friends at GameForge we have 5 codes to give away for their new SoulWorker RPG. These codes will net you the following in-game benefits:

VIP Advanced (7 Days, Non-Trade)
+120 max. energy; +20% dzenai; +20% item drop chance; +5 displayable items on the Market; No Market fees; +2 days market listing period; +20% chance of Grutins appearing in dungeons (including for group members)

Inventory Expansion Ticket 2
Each Ticket unlocks 2x 6 slots.

Respawner x 10
Revives you if you died during a dungeon.

(Community) Mat 3
Gives 1 EP per 1 minute (max 30). Can be used together with 4 other players.

All you have to do in order to win is tell us:

What does MMO stand for?

Answer by using the form below and we'll announce the winners next week - good luck!

posted by Ross Liversidge on 15 Apr 2018
UKA Podcast - GATE, A Place Further than the Universe

Ross & Mr Seb start things off with a look at the news and all the site activity for the past week, while halfway through Bryony replaces Mr Seb in a power move not seen since Hulk Hogan turned on Randy Savage!
posted by Ross Liversidge on 10 Apr 2018
Animenz (Maik Guo) Interview

A Youtube sensation for his anime music performances, classical pianist Animenz (aka Maik Guo) performs live in London on April 10th. We had the chance to ask a few questions!
posted by Ross Liversidge on 08 Apr 2018
UKA Podcast - Ready Player One

Ross and Mr Seb ramble their way through another UKA podcast, getting the names correct for at least 50% of the things they are talking about! Plenty of news and updates, plus an in-depth discussion about the latest Spielberg blockbuster, Ready Player One!
posted by Robert Mullarkey on 02 Apr 2018
Spring 2018 anime preview

A season filled to the brim with a variety of series, including the return of some old fan favourites.