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Thanks to our friends at Esdevium games, we have 6 packs, plus booster sets, for the Weiss Schwarz card game - Bust through the heavens with your drill!

What is the name of the fiery redheaded icon from the series?

A: Mary Jane Watson

B: Yoko

C: Ygritte

Provide your answer along with your name, home address* and e-mail address via the form on this page, and we'll pick out the winner when the competition closes.

* As per our terms and conditions, this competition is open to UK residents only

posted by Robert Mullarkey on 22 Sep 2018
An interview with Troy Baker at MCM Scotland 2018

Troy Baker gives us his thoughts on the games industry and the nature of games journalism
posted by Seb Reid on 08 Sep 2018
UKA Podcast S04E07 - End of Summer

Seb records a solo podcast following the content of an original cast which starred Dan! Unfortunately technical snafus have stopped this one being published. This one is recorded completely sober only with the power of coffee!
posted by Seb Reid on 21 Aug 2018
UKA Podcast S04E06 - So very tired...

This week Mr Seb, Martin and Dan discuss the news in depth, anime and conventions.
posted by Seb Reid on 07 Aug 2018
UKA Podcast S04E05 - Return of the Beast

Mr Seb and Martin celebrate the return of the beast with a new podcast. Discussing in depth the news, Amecon, Nine World, swag and the functioning of the human immune system and how it relates to anime!