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Kuroko Tetsuya MegaHouse
Jenny Draper

Author: Jenny Draper

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Kuroko Tetsuya MegaHouse

From the manga and anime series Kuroko's Basketball, Kuroko is gentlemanly and quiet, but very strong and determined when he's in a pinch. He's also the phantom sixth player of the Generation of Miracles. This version of Kuroko is from MegaHouse and is of 1/8 scale.

The sculpt is amazing but the first issue with Kuroko is his scale, he definitely seems too small for a 1/8th figure. This doesn't detract from how great he looks though - his kinetic pose is fully shown off. Kuroko's basketball uniform has superb creasing detail that looks perfect with his movement. The creasing in his shorts matches with his pose and the force of him going forwards at a speed. His shirt has the same level of detail and it's sweet the way you can see the tuck into his shorts. Looking around Kuroko, the detail is continued and his uniform appears baggy in an airy way. The shirt, although tucked in, hangs over his shorts and draws attention to Kuroko's small yet masculine body. His very cute bottom easily grabs some attention and still looks wonderful in his loose-look uniform.

It really does look like Kuroko is wearing his uniform, it's not too thick and they've left a realistic amount of space between body and clothing. His clavicle looks sexy but natural and his arms are awesomely hot! It's nice the way his neck muscle is sculpted and his arms appear strained and working. He's certainly in action, and the wristbands attract the eye to how masterful the sculpt is along the lengths of his arms. Kuroko's hands are fantastic; they have sculpted knuckles and nail detail. It's also nice the way the ball is positioned forwards in his hand and not being held upwards; it works superbly well with the kinetic action pose. The ball is great in its own right; all the lines are indented and it's textured all over to ensure that it looks just like a proper basketball.

Kuroko's legs are wonderful and flow well with his arms - the way his muscles look like they're working is very cool. The pose he's in draws attention to them as well! His shoes look realistic and worn, and it's winning the way you can spot his blue ankle socks peering above them. Kuroko's hair is adorable with a messy, spiked look, he really does look like the Kuroko we know and love. The seam line is hidden well and most parts are soft, so there's no fear of snapping any strands.

The paintwork is also excellent - his uniform looks just like it should and no colour bleeding or odd bits can be seen. It's awesome the way his number and team name flow with the creasing details. The line detail also matches up with the creasing and the shading on white parts is impressive. Kuroko's body has great shading, his muscles appear more powerful and prominent with the shading enhancing them. His hair goes from light to dark and looks just like it does in the anime. The matt black detail on his uniform combined with red lines and white main colour is vivid and the basketball offers some great contrast along with the cool court styled base.

Kuroko's facial expression is focused and very captivating. His eyes are a beautiful azure blue which fades lighter towards the bottom. The black detailing around the pupil and overall eye is very attractive. His eyebrows have an adorable crease of concentration and his nose is actually detailed! His mouth is slightly open as if he's just let out a breath to relax and focus more. One side of his mouth looks further down but it isn't overly odd and the slight lip detail is great. The way his fringe comes down the centre and sides is very handsome. You can just imagine beads of sweat running down the side of his charming face.

This version of Kuroko is boyish yet exudes masculine power. With delicious muscle detail, kinetic pose and captivating expression you can't pass up on him if you're a Kuroko's Basketball fan! What do you think? Will Kuroko be present on your shelves?

Sculpting: 8 out of 10
Painting: 10 out of 10
Posing: 10 out of 10
Base: 10 out of 10
Packaging: 8 out of 10
Enjoyment: 10 out of 10

This figure is available from: Eye on Asia, Archonia, Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, Amiami, Otacute, Play-Asia, Otakufuel, JList

This version of Kuroko is boyish yet exudes masculine power. With delicious muscle detail, kinetic pose and captivating expression you can't pass up on him if you're a Kuroko's Basketball fan!
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