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TOY/FIGURE REVIEW: Maid Yome - Yuki (18 PLUS)

Maid Yome - Yuki (18 PLUS)

Yuki is from the manga Maid Yome, and this version of her is of 1/7 scale and is from Orchid Seed.

The figures’ sculpt is superb, even with her shirt gap and odd-looking appearance with her shirt on. Her breasts look really natural, well-shaped and inviting. The under-breast and side boob look equally as pleasing and the gap that is created from the cast off can easily just look like the stitching on a regular t-shirt. It's difficult to get it completely flush, but once is position it looks great. Her erect nipples are wonderfully positioned and the little dimple in the middle is lovely. The wrinkle detail on Yuki's raised t-shirt looks fairly correct but upon closer inspection the gaps between her arms and body can be annoying. Her pose really enhances her beautifully sculpted figure, the line down the centre of her back is sexy and her Dimples of Venus aren't too prominent but very alluring. Yuki has a lovely full bottom shape and her legs and feet make her really cute from behind. The foot nearest her bottom has slightly curled toes and they're sculpted very well, as is her other foot. It would be nice to see some toe details from the front of her feet though.

Yuki has a healthy looking tummy with a hint of line detail towards her belly button - she really does have a super-cute, sexy body. She has a detailed special place which has a sweet plump appearance which is neatly done and looks quite realistic. She's in a position to be enjoying herself but it seems she may have just been caught, so her fingers are not quite touching. Her hands are generally okay but her fingers seem a little big; it's pleasing the way her finger nails are painted though. A seam line can be spotted right down the inside of each leg but only when looking closely so it's not too big of a disappointment. The panties on her leg look pretty good but her shorts are difficult to attach and can easily leave horrible black transfer on her pure skin.

When Yuki is in her t-shirt her breasts appear a bit too pointy, especially her nipples. The pulling detail is pretty good though and works really well to show off a perky full bosom.

Yuki has beautifully sculpted hair, with each strand looking skilfully placed and thought out. At the back she has many strands and some are layered and overlapping so it looks natural and smooth. The front strands are closer together, creating a full, bouncy fringe, and her “ahoge” is very cute! You can even use the front strands to censor her nipples if desired. The headphones are cool and are fantastically detailed; the zigzag is particularly nice.

The paint work is attractive - her skin is a pure pale colour and the shading is a pretty pink. It certainly works for the situation she's in. Her t-shirt is an off white colour which is meant to be a little see through in places, it sort of looks as if she's all sweaty which is pretty hot! Yuki's nipples have a very nice colouration, pinks with a hint of brown, just the right size and amount too. Her special place has a sweet pink top enhancing the plump look and a light pink for the main detailing. The matt black of her shorts and socks match with her headphones and the brown detailing on the headphones is stylish. The silver detailing tops off the headphones and makes them stand out. Yuki's panties match with her t-shirt and the shading works well with the wrinkle details. Her hair is a beautiful light blonde and has some purplish shading towards the tips, it looks fantastic.

Yuki's facial expression is gorgeous, she must be partially in ecstasy and in shock at getting caught! Her open mouth is gentle and charming and the fact it dips inward like a proper open mouth is super. She has an adorable little nose and her hair coming down over her eyes is perfectly cute. The headphones frame her nicely along with her hair and her brown wide eyed appeal is rather seductive.

This version of Yuki is marvellously sensuous and both super-cute and very sexy. What do you think? Will she be arousing your senses? 

Sculpting: 8 out of 10
Painting: 9 out of 10
Posing: 10 out of 10
Base: 7 out of 10
Packaging: 8 out of 10
Enjoyment: 10 out of 10

This figure is available from: Eye on Asia, Archonia, Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, Amiami, Otacute, Play-Asia, Otakufuel, JList

This version of Yuki is marvellously sensuous and both super-cute and very sexy.
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Maid Yome - Yuki (18 PLUS)

Price: £50 - £85

Eye on Asia

Jenny Draper

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