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  1. health-drugs
    B-vitamins is the most effective remedy agains hair loss
  2. mangaonline
    si quieres una alternativa a u manga online no dudes en visitarnos
  3. Weirdo
    I'm Willy Wonka Rick
  4. -Danielle-
    I'm Pickle Rick.
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  5. Weirdo
    Coffee <3
  6. Weirdo
    I have a medical need for Gin and Irn Bru. WHO IS WITH ME!?
  7. megalomaniac
  8. Breeze Whisperwind
    Breeze Whisperwind Tweek
    Thanks again for replying to the introduction thread I made ^^
  9. seppuku95
  10. Unknownfate
  11. seppuku95
    seppuku95 Unknownfate
    are you a true wizard?
  12. Rocket_man
    Rocket_man Ogriv83
    You ever on here anymore?
  13. Rocket_man
    Rocket_man ic
    Hi IC I ah be messaged you before but not had a reply. Are you anywhere near Cambridge? Looking for people to watch anime etc.

  14. -Danielle-
    -Danielle- megalomaniac
    Love youuuuu. I know this UKA Stock stuff is shite, I hope you're not letting it stress you as much as it has to. Thank you for doing this. Keep in mind how many you're keeping content instead of those who you'll probably never be able to please :D
  15. rat
    rat Necro
    lies!!! lies and slander!
  16. Necro
    Necro rat
    I'm the original m8
  17. rat
    rat Necro
    You're from manchester AND the same age as me...... STOP STEALING MY IDENTITY
  18. Hououin_Jouma
    Hououin_Jouma Hanners
    Happy birthday bro!
  19. Hououin_Jouma
    Hououin_Jouma AnimeBrit
    Thanks for the friend request!
  20. Mormegil
    Mormegil Elliotpage
    Happy Birthday!

    Listening to some old podcasts, and past you told me to do it, but I lack Twitter :)