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Old 10-08-2017, 09:12 PM   #1
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Default Shin Godzilla

Saw this tonight at my local Odeon.

I'd heard it was mostly politics and that's certainly the case. Sure, there's a whole bunch of traditional fleeing of the city and traditional ineffectual conventional weapons attacks, but it's mostly politicians and civil servants

Makes for a more refreshing take than the recent Hollywood Godzilla.
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Late reply here I'm afraid: yes to all the above.

It's definitely one for the purists...Anno's clearly a fan of the franchise, and stays true to the spirit of the original without being afraid to add his own little touches. "Spotting the Anno-isms" is indeed a dangerous drinking game to play during this one.

I have to admit though: the 2014 version is still pretty good. In fact, I'd possibly recommend it over this version for "casual" cinemagoers who want to see an above-average monster movie. As a shameless fanboy of the original though, this was an absolute blast. The social commentary came at the cost of the characterisation, but the monster design was superb.

I can't wait for the blu-ray...even though it means having three iterations of the same story on my shelf. I <3 Godzilla.
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