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Dead or Alive Spot Pass details

Dead or Alive Spot Pass details

Posted 19/05/2011

Hot on the heels of our Dead or Alive Dimensions review (8/10, read it here) Tecmo Keoi have very kindly given us details of the SpotPass content in Europe. Here's the skinny:

EUR: 5/27 - 6/29
One costume per day only available on that day (34 costumes total)
One Throwdown Challenge per week available on that week only (5 challenges total)

So that's a massive 34(!) costumes instead of the 28 we reported in the review. We love pleasant surprises.

And if you have Twitter or Facebook make sure to follow Tecmo Koei Europe for the 2nd batch and the later SpotPass info we’ll keep you updated. Thanks a lot.


TWITTER: @tecmokoeieurope


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