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    1. Tweek
      Sorry for the slow reply; I only just noticed I had a message :p

      No worries about not liking it; the would would be boring if we all liked the same things :)
    2. Necro
      Pfft, you can't not watch anime without coming across fanservice.
      I'm not a huge mecha fan, but what I've seen I enjoyed, however it was more of a boyish thing then romance comedies :) And yeah, anything that makes me want to see more is good in my books. I don't find too my of them though.

      And I'm good I guess. I'll be able to answer that more specifically on friday though as there's some... "important stuff" I'm gonna take care of tomorrow that will help me sort out myself in a sense. Hopefully it goes well ;)
    3. Necro
      Screwed up posting this :D

      Nagisa was cute and sweet, but compared to everyone else I disliked her. I was a Kyou /Tomoyo fan.

      Haha yeah, I guess I am. Going from the other members opinions on series, I seem to like the crappy things. That said, the "crappy" shows are usually the harem/fanservice laden series so I'm not a complete pansy :p Big fighting robots are cool too.
    4. Necro
      I hated Nagisa too, but I tell you I was depressed as hell when *that* happened in after story, I'd grown attached to a character I didn't really like :p I'd recommend finishing it though, if only to see how you react to how Tomoya does everything.

      Hidamari Sketch I found when looking for stuff similar to Lucky Star, though I wouldn't compare it. It's only similar in that it's school girls talking about nothing. Except they're art students, but it's not as mundane. Hanners is a big fan (His avatar is Sae from the series) and it's got a really great art style. Give a couple of episodes a watch, and you should see if you'd like it from that :)
    5. Tweek
      It is more of a comedy than a girly series; it is officially a Shonen series... although there are plenty of shonen series that I'd have thought were shojo if I hadn't read otherwise :p
    6. Tweek
      Squid Girl can be watched here; both season one and season two.

      Sadly the other series are out of print.

      I was never into comics even when I was a child; the only one I read then was Asterix.

      Things are going fine thanks :) I Hope things are ok for you too :)
    7. Necro
      I only have the one forum to check, so I didn't have that issue :p
      I'm a Haruhi fanboy, so The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one of my favourites. Really recommend it if you haven't seen it.
      Also recommend Clannad if you like depressing romance dramas, and Hidamari Sketch if you like Slice of Life :)
    8. Necro
      We get a fair few new people, but not many stick around for too long ;)
    9. Tweek
      My favourites include:

      Azumanga Daioh - First anime series I watched... a friend linked me to a fan-sub and I watched it several times then bought the boxed set... and have watched it a lot more since
      Haibane Remnei - A really gentle story but I loved the characters and it made me cry
      Gunslinger Girl - Good action and characters... also made me cry
      Squid Girl - Very funny looking forward to the DVD arriving!

      I don't really have one favourite though it all depends on my mood :)

      I've only watched anime, not read any manga so don't have a favourite :p
    10. SUPERFISH5000

      I've got series 1 & 2 plus the movies of Inuyasha sitting at home to watch. Admittedly they've been sitting for a few years...

      It's hard for me to pick a favourite when there's so much to choose from but I'd say that the classics such as bubblegum crisis, appleseed, cowboy bebop, outlaw star, evangelion, GITS, Fist of the NOrth Star, Gunbuster etc are always great and newer stuff like black lagoon and samurai champloo too.

      But I admittedly do have a soft spot for She the Ultimate Weapon even though most others on here can't stand it ^__^
    11. Acteon

      No problem for the welcome, it's always nice to see new faces on here. Funny, back in the day they had to twist my arm to add a forum, now I don't know how we manage without it :p

      I never read InuYasha, but I have started Takahashi's latest, Rin-ne. Have you tried that title?

      I know exactly what you mean about being too busy at times - heck, I didn't even get home until 8:30pm ><

      By the way, James and I are off to Japan in September, if there's anything you'd like me to pick up/find for you, do let me know :)

      And Hajimemashite dozu yoroshiku (I think!) :p
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