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    Praise Python everyone - comedy has been saved! Given the utter turds that keep being brought out under the banner of comedy (see for example Pixels or the trailer for Vacation which are shining examples of everything that is bad with so many comedys) it was starting to look like we'd never get a good comedy again but good ol' Terry Jones has saved us!

    Whilst the concept is very Bruce Almighty this is actually the superior film - whilst it can't boast the big budget of the former its much better written and doesnt get that third act sag that BA, like so many comedy films, has. Every gag in this hits home hard and I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. Simon Pegg is on top form here and if there must be a last film for Robin Williams then I'm glad it was this one as even as the voice of a dog he outshines most of the cast and showcases everything you love about him.

    This is an absolute winner and I highly reccomend you get down to the pictures to see it whilst you can as lowly British comedies don't tend to stick around long when Hollywood garbage like Vacation are coming out....

    Oh, and in other news, Man from UNCLE is pretty average. Looks pretty, badly edited, none of the gags work (which is bad news when its trying to be a pun-filled witty bondesque caper). See Mission Impossible instead if you want to see that kind of film.
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