Angel's Egg and shattered innocence

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    So, I watched a review of this movie the other night- having personally never heard of it- but the name intrigued me.

    As is the tradition, apparently, with Anime; it looked extremely full on- but even from the review; I was able to pick up on an aspect of it that actually kind of bummed me out, cuz it felt like a reality-slaps-you-in-the-face kind of thing. It's all about these two strangers- a man and an angelic little girl. Both of them have been given tasks, with no memory of why, and both of them have only hazy memories (evidently especially in the man's case) of who they were before they got to that point. One of the little girl's tasks is to look after a big beautiful white egg. She, with her whole heart, believes the egg will hatch into a bird one day- even though the man keeps taking it upon himself to remind her it might not.

    To make a long story short; the reviewer informs the watcher that there are religious elements in it that represent things like Jesus Christ (the man who all the while carries a cross-like object), Noah's Ark, and even ideas like reincarnation, etc. All that made sense ... but...

    The bit that bummed me out is; one night/(in the wee small hours of the morning,) the man goes to leave the little girl- I assume to carry on his individual journey and set of tasks- ...but... he; knowing full well she's a child who's not going to understand, takes her egg... and; as a way of proving to her once and for all that there's nothing in it; smashes it, and leaves it for her to find. Like the thoughtless adult he is; he has to show her he's right. She of course, when she wakes up and sees it; is devastated. She tries to run after him, but she then winds up falling to her drowning death. What I'm trying to say is; all I really got from even a review of it was; life sucks when you grow up.

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