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Discussion in 'Other media' started by latro, Jul 25, 2015.

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    Saw this last night and man did Pixar get it PERFECT! I cannot stress how amazing this film is - the animation is beautiful, the characters are brilliant - they even make a talking elephant a sympathetic character rather than an annoying mascot!
    The emotion in this film, somewhat appropriately, is incredible from high comedy through to stuff thats just heartbreaking and practically moved me to tears - if fact it probably would have done if it weren't for all the stupid kids in the audience. If the film has an issue then kids will be it as the film despite the bright colours and the Disney-Pixar branding, is not all that child-friendly. The concepts are abstract and a lot of the gags are far above the usual children's fare and all the kids in my audience were constantly talking fussing and generally being bored as they didn't understand what was going on.

    Have to say everyone should go see this ASAP though, I almost feel that this is the film that Miyazaki would have made if he'd been at Pixar as there's somthing of his brand of visual whimsey about it all. The winner of every award for best animation this year has been decided!
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    Might have to check this out, 'im a bit behind on the recent few Disney/Pixar releases.
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    I didn't care for it. I really wanted to like it, but I just didn't. A lot of it was too abstract, especially for children, and supposedly (according to website Gizmodo) plain wrong in many areas.

    My main complaints are that the plot twists were obvious, Riley's story was family-sitcom level boring and the emotions were horribly stereotypical. Why was sadness portrayed as a short, dumpy, glasses wearing woman? Did no one really speak up about that during development?

    I also question the inclusion of Disgust, who seemed to only be there for the joke about broccoli and to be an obligatory female supporting character to Fear and Anger.

    I don't get why Joy's hair was blue, especially when she was hanging around with Sadness for most of the film. It was an odd decision and just looked wrong.

    Overall it left me confused and underwhelmed, although it is nice to see Pixar making something orginal.

    On the topic of CGI kids films, I also saw Minions, which was great. Really funny and quite creative. I recommend.
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    I'll add this to my list. Might make a day of it and see Minions and then this or, just see one one day, another the next. We'll see :p

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