less boobs, more plot in 2019's Anime!

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    The single, most, soul crushing feeling of despair you could ever feel as a child, comes in the moment you realize your favorite Anime is over. Not season finale, last episode over… but happy ending over, the type of over that closes the rectangle box of a window to their world, kind of over. I’ve felt this despair in 1996, when the last episode of Dragon Ball Z aired… I was only six. I felt the same thing again in 2004, when Inuyasha finally finished his quest.

    What makes an anime great? Is is the artwork? the animation and scenery? What about plot and character development? What about the connection we, the viewers, make with each hero and villain?

    The thing I makes me want to come back, weak after weak, is the struggle each of our heroes endure. That is what I want to see in an Anime, the spark we all wish we had, the reason we cheer them on.

    Without it.you just have beautiful animation, but empty in between…

    Like this thing: Mysteria Friends / Manaria Friends


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