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    Anyone going to MCM London and fancies doing an interview with the FMP Screenwriter Shouji Gatou for UKA?

    We have interview opportunities for Saturday and Sunday and it would be really nice to do one if possible. Unfortunately none of the staff, as far as I know, are going down there. I am sending an email around to contributors and they come first, but if I have no takers i'll open up to the forum.

    Its preferable if you already have a pass for the event. Though I can ask questions regarding press passes as I don't think its too late.
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    If I wasn't me and spoke how I type etc, I'd volunteer as tribute for you but I reckon i'd do UKA more harm than good lol.

    He'd be all "she tried to speak Japanese to me, wtf" lol.

    Plus I'm unfamiliar with him, what he does etc and to me that makes a nightmare and boring interview and interviewer.

    EDIT: Maybe extend le request to Neo?
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