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    How to Get Anime Eyes with Makeup
    So I was googling a lot lately and found myself with a fun video tutorial on how to get those big, japan cartoon-look eyes, and thought it looked really unique and different! So I decided to do it on my own eyes and found out that not only am I deciding to wear this look on Halloween, but I also learned some really important stuff when it comes to makeup. Keep on reading to see how to get the perfect anime eyes and give yourself a nice makeup transformation in just 5 minutes!

    So anime girls are characterized by their very big, unnatural eye shape, and their thick, wide pupil (or the inside of their eye.) We don't even need to see ourselves in the mirror to realize that obviously us normal humans don't have these big, big eyes that they seem to do. So therefore, creating a wide-eye effect is the real trick to getting cute, wide eyes.

    Things you're going to need for this look:
    1. Black eyeliner (can be liquid, gel, solid; what works best for you)
    2. White eyeliner
    3. Mascara
    4. False eyelashes (optional)
    5. Nudy color contact lenses; 16 mm in diameter (optional)

    Step 1:
    If you have contact lenses, then place them in before doing the makeup. I would strongly recommend using Barbie Eye Nudy Blue Contact lenses, since they are 16 mm in diameter, giving your inner eye a bigger, anime look. I purchased mine from at only $23.50, but be prepared to pay almost $6 for shipping and handling, since they come all the way from Malaysia, Asia!
    Here's the link for the contact lenses: Barbie Eye Contacts

    Step 2:
    To get a wide-eye effect, apply white eyeliner onto your watermark under you eye and on top of it as well, right below your lashes. This technique I realized made my eye really look big, and sort of unnatural. But this will help create that cartoon-like look we're aiming for.
    Also, apply that same white eyeliner just a bit under your bottom lashes as well, to expand the width of your eye.

    Step 3:
    Apply mascara just onto your upper lashes, and if you desire, apply your false eyelashes right after you've applied your white eyeliner. Make sure to make them ultra long and thick, to get a doll-like appearance.

    Step 4:
    Now for the fun part. Using a black eyeliner (I prefer liquid since it gives you a more defined look), outline your upper lid, creating a cat eye, and giving it an extra wing at the end, making your eye appear even bigger.
    Now, go right under the white eyeliner you placed before, and outline a thin line starting from the middle of your eye and going outwards, creating a thin line underneath your white eyeliner. Connect it with your upper black eyeliner to create a big wing, or spread it downwards to give yourself a big eyelash look. Try playing around with it to see what you prefer best.
    I like to go under and create small eyelashes with my eyeliner to give my eye a bigger look. Again, keep in mind that the bigger, the better the look!

    This is just one way you can make your eye look using the steps above, but you can always play around to see how you really want it to look:

    If you want to really see how it's done, then go on YouTube and check out some of Michelle Phan's Makeup Tutorials. She's really good and they're easy to follow videos. I'll add the link so you guys can check some of her work out.

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