Holiday in Japan?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Darkseer, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm considering taking the trip to Japan that I always wanted to.
    And I know that some of you here have been.


    1) Is there anywhere you'd recommend I visit?

    2) My wife can be a bit of a fussy eater. Thankfully she likes rice and noodles! But, are there any foods that could be a safe 'go to' if she struggles with the cuisine?
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    If you like temples then as well as Kyoto do not forget to take a day out to Nara - a lot of walking, but it's worth it.

    Obviously, Tokyo and Kyoto - as to what at each, part depends what you want to look at. When I was last there a Sumo Basho was on - we went in the morning and managed to get tickets - 4th and 3rd division bouts are morning, 2nd and top afternoon - you can buy and come back later - was just there for the afternoon - a lot of fun - partly also based on the free English radio you could listen to (small deposit to hir a radio unit if your mobile phone can't act as one) - note on TV I could not get in to the sport.

    If heading over to Hiroshima, be aware you will be dodging school parties in the Peace Museum, but it is still worth it - and then spend the afternoon over in Miyajima, with it's famous 'floating tori' - note if you're using a JR rail pass the trams (I think) train to Miyajima (and Kyoto to Nara) and one of the two ferries to/from the island at Miyajima are all JR so covered. Also note that the buses and underground in Kyoto are not and the 'official' temple walk in Nara is from the non JR station, which results in the addition of about a half KM each way.

    My one regret in Kyoto was not getting a taxi or bus out to Kiyomizu-dera, which is the one that is high on a hill and has a big drop. Actually I also part regret going to Nanzen-ji, for while it is sprawling and has the famous treasure hall, it was not particularly interesting and a prime example of how Buddhist temples are commercial enterprises first, places of interest and worhship second. The Way of the Philosophy from there to Ginkaku-ji is a pleasant walk, but don't expect anything of real interest along it.

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