Moon Pride English TV Size Cover (Sailor Moon Crystal opening)

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    Herewith my new project, Moon Pride English TV Size from Sailor Moon Crystal by Lizz Robinett, LittleJayneCakes, Ketsuban, JenniDi and Aquaspirit77.


    Link -

    Released prior to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Infinity arc, this opening was used for Season 1 Dark Kingdom arc and Season 2 Black Moon arc.

    Project should have been released back in 2014 as one of the first covers online but due to constant delays, people pulling out having to get replacements, technical issues, mixing error, production difficulties etc. it got pushed back until now.

    This cover is unique compared to the existing covers out there as the audio length, vocals and chorus setup is based upon the actual TV Size music track referenced from the OST and the creditless openings taken from the Blu-Rays.

    Whilst I asked the singers to do their own take of the song rather than sounding like MOMOIRO CLOVER Z or copying the Sailor Senshi styles.

    Some of the lyrics had to be changed in order for them to make sense but did try to not to stray away from the meaning of the original song.

    Please subscribe to mynameissport Youtube channel for more unique and different covers and kindly leave a like, share and post.

    Views and opinions on here and on Youtube are welcome.

    Apologises in advance if I am not that active. I live a busy life so can be extremely hard to get free time but will try to be on here from time to time.

    However thanks for the support and hope you like it.

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