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Discussion in 'News' started by Acteon, Apr 12, 2007.

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    Yup, the first piece of news is this news thread, for news. If you have news, plant your news here and everyone can read your news.

    6 instances of news in one sentance... that a record? Or just really irritating? ^^

    A few rules:

    News/Press Releases/Announcements
    Must be anime/manga related. No ringtone adverts or else I set the dogs on you...

    By all means post information about sales/promotions/new openings, but posting an entire stock list isn't going to win you any friends.

    No auction links please, we're not a classifieds section. See above comment re: dogs.

    Otherwise anyone may post here without asking express permission, so long as they meet the above rules.
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    newtype magazine to cease publication in march

    in a statement to subscribers ad vision has announced that, starting in march, newtype usa will cease publication, to be replaced by the new magazine PiQ.

    Although itll be sad to see any anime magazine the pricetag and the fact that it was all but a propaganda platform for its parent company ADV only sealed its fate for me.

    makes you feel all the more glad for NEO.

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