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Discussion in 'UKA Stock 2017' started by Weirdo, Apr 1, 2017.

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    Just a quickie, can people please ask if they are partaking of drinks which aren't theirs.

    We have had some rather expensive bottles and cans of beer drank which weren't drank by those who bought it. Most of these were 3 - 4, and its come as a bit of a shock.

    I appreciate that some drinks may be communal, but if you do want to try something which you haven't bought, then please ask.

    Its a bit irksome when you find a beer on the side, 2/3 left overnight, which cost quite a bit (and is actually a special gluten free beer for those with... issues).
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    Next time can we have a clearly marked 'communal and 'non-communal' booze areas please?

    Someone drunk a big ass bottle of something I wanted to drink, lol and nobody really drunk the stuff I didn't mind anyone drinking!
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    That doesn't sound good.

    Last year went well, I was aware of what I was able to have. It was really nice being able to try the weird gin concoctions and that as what was that Scottish soft drink that tasted like Frosties cubes? lol. Mental :p

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