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    Recently Watched Anime

    Have to say, having picked up the blu-ray of GitS: SAC (both gigs), it's a pleasure to watch them after many years. It's aged beautifully. Re-watching Made in Abyss and Girls' Last Tour, too, reinforced the initial opinion that both are excellent, especially Girls' Last Tour is a real gem...
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    BFI Intro to anime on youtube

    In case anyone is interested, as part of their anime season (though quite how that's working with lockdown is anyone's guess), the BFI streamed and have available on youtube here an intro to anime, including Helen McCarthy and Michiko Yamakawa, an arcivist at Production IG. Only listened to a...
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    Sight & Sound - summer edition is an anime edition

    In case anyone is interested - though cannot say I've seen the content - but looks like the BFI's summer edition of Sight & Sound is focussing on anime, especially 50 key films. Looks like it'll stray into TV, too in other anime strands. Some more details here as it's what's within. I'm...
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    Backlog anime to watch during Lockdown

    First time viewing of Outlaw Star and Yurikuma Arashi completed. The former good fun though best when concentrating on the main storyline, a bit too much filler otherwise. The latter excellent, loved the style and tone - I only vaguely remember Penguindrum though similarities based on dim...
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    Backlog anime to watch during Lockdown

    And now, having had a diversion of Westworld series 1 and 2, plus some random films, and Tenchi Muyo OVAs, it's onto Blood Blockade Battlefront, and - I suspect because one of the characters is called Chain - there's something of a hankering to rewatch Baccano! that's a brewin' and may be the...
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    Backlog anime to watch during Lockdown

    I'd never watched Kill La Kill; when it came out I read reviews that made it sound like the worst case of fan service. I have no rectified this mistake - having made good use of the Easter sale - and enjoyed it thoroughly.
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    Backlog anime to watch during Lockdown

    I did the re-re-re-re-watch of FMAB after blitzing Attack of Titan S3 in a day (which made me want to watch FMAB again, to illustrate how to tell a backstory). Onto Kiznaiver, after having watched, though not anime, the Criterion boxset of Zatoichi movies. Consistently good that with only one...
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    Backlog anime to watch during Lockdown

    I just re-watched Grimgar then Claymore. Planning to blitz series three of Attack on Titan and that is very possibly next on the list. After that, a mystery... Though considering a need for general warmth, humanity and comfort, and as it's not been watched in a few years, I suspect Haibane...
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    What are your favourite 10 anime??

    I was trying to work out what my top ten would be… difficult, especially considering anything new, i.e. a couple of years old or else first watched within the same period should be excluded, as favourites should persist over time, but here goes – and in no particular order (films are excluded...