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  1. Acteon

    Netflix Cowboy Bebop Woes

    I haven't actually seen Wings of Desire, but will certainly pick that up. With regards Columbo, have the box set and ripped it all to the Plex drive so I can watch it at work. McGoohan arguably has some of the very best episodes, but Jack Cassidy was an equally formidable rogue with a dastardly...
  2. Acteon

    Netflix Cowboy Bebop Woes

    Oh I wouldn't worry, good as it was I'm not overly attached to it either. I think the really fanatical fans are in a minority, just magnified by social media. I don't know if they (Hollywood) do these things due to lack of original ideas, the current popularity of anime/nostalgia or just...
  3. Acteon

    Netflix Cowboy Bebop Woes So the usual fan-baiting has started from the off. I quite liked the reveals and didn't mind the changes, but all this acrimony has left a nasty taste. Anyone else have an opinion on this one?
  4. Acteon

    Next-Gen consoles

    I may have just pre-ordered the Steam Deck. Is that a console, technically? 0.o
  5. Acteon

    BFI Japan Film Season - take 2

    I'd like to see The Magnificent Nine by Yoshihiro Nakamura. Only ever seen it on a plane, and would love to see it on the big screen. A touch over 2 hours, but great performances and a wonderful slice of Japanese history too.
  6. Acteon

    I am BRAND NEW to anime!!

    Hi, welcome to the forum (and wider world of anime!) First thought is how lucky you are, so many great shows to experience for the first time! I don't think you need to worry about dubs or subs, it's persoal preference, and sometimes the first version you're exposed to makes it iconic, like...
  7. Acteon

    High Guardian Spice Trailer's_High_Guardian_Spice_Trailer_revealed_at_Virtual_Expo.html So, who's down for watching this? It does look to be skewed towards a younger audience.
  8. Acteon

    Shinya Tsukamoto interview

    Fantastic links - I could watch Kermode for days, even if the film looks a bit too gruesome for my own delicate tastes :p
  9. Acteon

    Show us your toys thread

    Couple of robo-goodies arrived this week, both from Magic Square. Really impressed with the work the company is doing with their sculpting and engineering, but a bump in material quality wouldn't hurt them any.
  10. Acteon

    Recently Watched Anime

    Nagatoro landed and thankfully it isn’t as cringed as I expected. Some stories work best as manga, especially comedies, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  11. Acteon

    Macross is released, what should come first?

    For the sake of legality, I'm gonna say I sacrificed chocolate... It's a riff on Babylon 5, when Marcus and Ivonova are trying to communicate with the first ones who think they're insignificant, and he comes up with the idea of putting a bucket on his head and claiming to be the great God...
  12. Acteon

    YouTube thread 2.0

    Macross going global: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="
  13. Acteon

    Macross is released, what should come first?

    Luckily I did a bit of sacrificing and now Bigwest are releasing Macross globally, starting with Flash Back 2012 on Youtube! All hail the great bucket-God boojie :)
  14. Acteon

    Macross is released, what should come first?

    And here it is - some of the lovely Macross stuff I'd like to see make it's way to the West:
  15. Acteon

    Macross is released, what should come first?

    Oh, then I'd go Frontier. You have two potential throughlines (which I'm writing an article about on AI) Jenius family Macross - Macross 7 - Macross Delta That takes you through 3 generations of Jenius - Max & Millia, Mylene and Mirage Jenius. Nome family/Roy Fokker Macross Zero - Macross -...
  16. Acteon

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts named as Gundam live action director

    So Legendary have thrown the director of their best monsterverse movie into the mix: That does give me hope that the project will at least have some personality. Who else is excited?
  17. Acteon

    Macross is released, what should come first?

    So with Macross now potentially coming West, which series would you lead with? My vote would be Macross Zero, establish the backstory with a good-looking show to catch the public's imagination.
  18. Acteon

    Gundam Anime - where to start!?

    Cool, glad it helped - Gundam is such a deep dive. Oh, and there's lots of free Gundam streaming on the officia Gundam website, can't believe I forgot that! Funny, I saw Beyond the Boundary for a tenner on Zavvi - read Seb's review and picked it up. Got...
  19. Acteon

    Gundam Anime - where to start!?

    Hiya, Since Gundam has a lot of separate timelines, you can dip in and out of some series. Stand-alone include Iron Blooded Orphans, Gundam SEED’ Gundam Wing, Gundam X and Gundam 00. SEED is a personal favourite (my first exposure to the series), and Iron Blooded Orphans was pretty good (and on...
  20. Acteon

    Favourite film of the year

    Oh I've been meaning to watch that - nice to have a recommendation, I'll give it a watch over Easter.