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  1. Acteon

    Netflix Cowboy Bebop Woes So the usual fan-baiting has started from the off. I quite liked the reveals and didn't mind the changes, but all this acrimony has left a nasty taste. Anyone else have an opinion on this one?
  2. Acteon

    High Guardian Spice Trailer's_High_Guardian_Spice_Trailer_revealed_at_Virtual_Expo.html So, who's down for watching this? It does look to be skewed towards a younger audience.
  3. Acteon

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts named as Gundam live action director

    So Legendary have thrown the director of their best monsterverse movie into the mix: That does give me hope that the project will at least have some personality. Who else is excited?
  4. Acteon

    Macross is released, what should come first?

    So with Macross now potentially coming West, which series would you lead with? My vote would be Macross Zero, establish the backstory with a good-looking show to catch the public's imagination.
  5. Acteon

    Interview with Ollie Barder

    Really pleased with this interview, Ollie was very accommodating and gave some fantastic answers to our questions:
  6. Acteon

    New site design

    So, after a lot of faffing about, I finally redesigned the site. We're 25 years old next year, so I wanted something a bit more contemporary (it was fun going through the Wayback machine to see how it's changed over the years too!) If anybody has feedback, comments, hate mail... just post it...
  7. Acteon

    Sony negotiating to buy Crunchyroll for $1 billion So it looks like Sony will be the one to rule them all. Dunno how to feel about this one really - on the one hand I'll likely only need one anime-service subscription (and Funimation is installed on my HDTV, unlike CR...
  8. Acteon

    Pay only postage Manga sale

    The library runneth over, so if anybody wants any of the books below, all I'm looking for is the cost of postage. Elephantmen is signed.
  9. Acteon

    Historic UK/Japan trade deal Given how hard it is to get a work visa in Japan, this is quite incredible. Were I not currently raising a very young daughter I'd be seriously tempted to start looking at opportunities in Japan!
  10. Acteon

    Amazon Deletes Light Novels's_Removal_of_Light_Novels Luther Dickson discusses the current state of affairs at Amazon and their actions deleting Light Novels from their digital service. What do you make of this new wave of censorship?
  11. Acteon

    Playstation 5 Launch

    Our thoughts on the Playstation 5 launch:'s_Playstation_5_Launch Mind blowing showcase or damp squib?
  12. Acteon

    Anime Ltd launch Screen Anime subscription service The extras sound interesting, who's in for it?
  13. Acteon

    Crunchyroll launch Tower of God trailer

    Based on a Korean comic, this Crunchyroll original airs on April 1st.
  14. Acteon

    Sonic the Hedgehog review

    Grossing over $300 million at the worldwide box office, is the blue blur the best video game movie so far?
  15. Acteon

    Rising of the Shield Hero retrospective

    Richard has joined us to give us his opinions on old and new anime - here are his thoughts on the controversial Rising of the Shield Hero:
  16. Acteon

    Mizuki 2020

    So, new decade, new mascot design. We decided to create a new Mizuki with the help of artist Xephonia, but with a little twist; while Mizuki has a new outfit, she also has a new "base body" that we can dress up for special occasions, so nearer the time we'll be adding Halloween Mizuki, Christmas...
  17. Acteon

    Granblue Fantasy Versus launches March 27th, Premium Edition Cancelled Guess I'll wait for it to go on sale digitally, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to getting this. Probably be Christmas before I pick it up now :( Honestly I'd rather they'd...
  18. Acteon

    I Want to Eat Your Pancreas Home Release Review

    Rob reviews I Want to Eat Your Pancreas available today: I don't normally go for weepies but this is very pretty.
  19. Acteon

    Transformers War for Cybertron trailer lands

    I really hope this is better than Titans Return ><
  20. Acteon

    News: Dead or School coming to PS4 and Switch on March 13th Looks like some good, harmless zombie fun. Trailer below again for forumites :)