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Dark Souls: Remastered
Winged Fusiliers
28 Oct 2022
Winged Fusiliers
Live Action
9 Souls
26 Oct 2022
9 Souls


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Introducing D’ART Shtajio, a Western Studio making it big in Japan
by Ross Locksley

A Western Studio aiming to make it big in Japan
One Piece: All 14 Films Ranked from Worst to Best
by Jamie Morris

How does One Piece Film: Red stack up against the franchise’s previous movies?
20 Years Under the Spell of A Snake of June
by Richard Durrance

An exploration of Shinya Tsukamoto’s finest film.


Plastic crack

ABYstyle Studio YuYu Hakusho Hiei

"I'm blown away by the combination of paint and clear plastic to create a figure with genuine presence at such a low price-point."

Author: Ross Locksley