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Paranoia Agent Vol. 4
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

Ross founded the UK Anime Network back in 1995 and works in and around the anime industry.

Paranoia Agent Vol. 4

In the last volume of Satoshi Kon's atmospheric uber-mindbender, we're given answers. But did we really want them?

The investigation into Lil' Slugger is all but over for the officials, but that doesn't mean that the case isn't haunting the two former detectives charged with solving the riddle.

I guess there was a choice with how to wrap this up - either a viable explanation, or something more supernatural. The course chosen here (which I won't spoil) wasn't really to my personal tastes, but it does allow the viewer some closure to proceedings, not to mention some stunning animation as things hit the fan big style.

It's interesting to see the characters, skillfully interwoven throughout the series, reacting to events around them. Lives are changed, and I actually cared, which is testament to the skill of those involved. With surreal drama, it's so easy to become detatched as credibility is stretched, but the series managed to keep your interest, no matter how absurd it gets.

Overall, this is a satisfying conclusion to a creepy and unusual tale, that has split many an opinion in the circles I move in. Though I don't share the "best thing ever" cries of some of my peers, I did enjoy the journey.

Extras include an excellent commentary which gives some insight into the end of the series. They are rather pissed though...
We'll not see its like again, and if Lynch-esque weirdness does it for you, check this out.
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