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Spy X Family Code: White

Spy X Family Code: White

Written by Dawfydd Kelly on 19 Apr 2024

Distributor Anime Limited • Certificate 12A • Price n/a

Loid Forger has a problem: as super-spy Twilight he’s been told he is to be reassigned from Operation STRIX and has mere days until his manufactured family will be split up…

Yor Forger has a problem: she thinks she saw Loid with another woman and is anxious he might turn around & divorce her for someone he gets on with better…

Anya Forger has a problem: she has the weekend to learn how to make a dessert that’ll earn her a Stellar; has picked up on both Loid & Yor’s problems with her telepathy; and, most pressing, she’s eaten a microfilm contained in a piece of chocolate, and now finds herself chased by the minions of a gourmand military intelligence colonel.

Bond Forger has a problem: Borf!

For the first theatrical release in the Spy X Family franchise, Code: White is a breezy, confidant way to spend a couple of hours as Studio WIT have brought their A-game to the affair. Animation is silky smooth and they take full advantage of the cinematic experience to craft some stunning action sequences, irrespective of whether the sequence is for comedic effect or a balls to the walls finale.  

Spy x Family: Code White
Anya's expressions remain a key attraction on the big screen - adorable!

Now, as is often the case with these sorts of films, it has to sit outside the ongoing continuity of the series, so Code: White is a self-contained adventure that deftly puts all the toys back in the box at the end ready for the next season of the anime. Thankfully, for all that it is not an essential piece of the series, it is highly entertaining. The Forger’s impromptu weekend excursion to help Anya make the perfect dessert to net her an elusive Stellar from her schools cookery class proving a perfect excuse for the sort of screwball comedy that has made the series such a favourite around the world. Comedy firmly rooted in the fact that for all their ludicrous competence as a spy and as an assassin, Loid and Yor have some glaring blind spots, especially when it comes to how they feel about each other.

Saying any more would spoil things, needless to say it leads to some epic Anya face… 

A light, frothy bit of fun with our favourite family of oddballs

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