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JFF Independent films streaming for free from December 15th
JFF Independent films streaming for free from December 15th

JFF Independent films streaming for free from December 15th

Written by Richard Durrance on 08 Dec 2022

What the opportunity to watch two sets of six independent films from Japan?


For free?

Yes, again.

Good, as from December 15th, the Japan Foundation will be streaming globally two series of six films, the first set available for the first three months, the second set of six after that, available with English or Spanish subtitles.

The line-up is available from the JFF+ site here, and some more about JFF+ below.

Happy streaming.

JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA is a free online film streaming program that features Japanese independent films.

The Japan Foundation (JF) is excited to launch a new program, JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA. This is a free online streaming program that features 12 Japanese independent films selected by managers from independent theaters, so-called “mini-theaters” throughout Japan. Mini-theaters have nurtured the diversity of the Japanese cinema culture and brought it up to the current state.

Since 2020, the Japan Foundation (JF) has held the JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE twice for overseas viewers, and has received a great response. The aim of the new program JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA is to show the diversity of Japanese cinema. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, around 490 Japanese films were newly released to the public in 2021 (excluding film festivals and non-profit screenings). Thus, although the number of Japanese films produced is one of the largest in the world, only a handful of films have been introduced overseas. Therefore, this program provides a great chance for the international audiences to discover new Japanese films.

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