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Mullet Mad Jack (Steam)

Mullet Mad Jack (Steam)

Written by Ross Locksley on 17 May 2024

Distributor Hammer95 • Price £15.25

Is there anything better than just stumbling over a videogame that turns out to be awesome? Currently out for the count with Covid, I found myself browsing Steam to add to my ever-increasing backlog, and this anime-inspired gem just leapt out of the screen. Sporting a sexy 80's anime aesthetic (the game says 90's but this looks more like Bubblegum Crisis or Riding Bean to me), complete with VHS-style artifacts, Mullet Mad Jack is an anime fan's FPS dream come true. 

Set in a cyberpunk future (depicted as only 80's/90's anime could dream of, all neon colours and graffiti) humanity is unemployed while AI robots (Robillionaires) live the good life. Mad Jack is tasked with rescuing an idol that has been kidnapped and must ascend 10 floors to get the girl, while kicking robot ass. However, you start with just 10 seconds to live, each kill granting precious seconds of extra life as you race to the exit utilising all the skill, speed and violence you can muster. 

Mullet Mad Jack
Want more precious seconds? Shoot a bot in the balls!

The game has an incredible sense of urgency thanks to the pumping soundtrack, smooth graphics and corridor style gameplay. Your can shoot, kick and slide your way past your enemies, using environmental items like fans or electric boards to kill your enemies, or just headshot the robo-thugs for a clean kill. Every level you progress allows you a power up, but die and it's back to the first floor to try all over again. This decidedly brutal reset makes every kill just that bit more important.

Mullet Mad Jack's presentation is what drew me in, but it was the adrenaline that kept me hooked all night. The upgrades allow you to customise your play style, kills are immensely satisfying and most importantly, my own deaths were entirely due to my own mistakes (or let's be honest, mad panic as things get hectic and I'm just missing every shot!) so it never feels frustrating despite the punishment of a total reset on dying.

A special mention for voice actor Kat Dannes, she's perfect as your sassy operator who seemingly delights in both your successes and failures and just brings the game to life.

Mullet Mad Jack
Buy your upgrades at the end of each level while your operator eggs you on...

I think this might also be the first time I've kicked myself for just buying the vanilla version of the game, because the soundtrack by Fernando Pepe and Mateus Polati is superb. I'll be keeping an eye out for a vinyl release because the retro-futuristic smooth opening alone makes it deserving of a place in my collection, but it's all absolute gold. It makes me want to crank it up on the car stereo and just cruise around at night. 

Ultimately, I adore this game. It runs smooth as silk on the Steam Deck, so good news for blasters on the move. Honestly, I just want more of everything - a physical special edition release, LP, artbook, all of it. It's pure fun and I can't recommend it highly enough. The studio is now on my watch list.

This game was purchased on Steam, a demo is available.

Action, humour, presentation and execution are all nigh on perfect. Retro anime fans, this is your FPS nirvana.

Ross Locksley
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