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Dragonball Vol. 1

Dragonball Vol. 1

Written by B. Shamma on 01 Jan 2004

Distributor Viz • Author/Artist A. Toriyama • Price £5.99

Okay!, Okay!, I'll admit it, I am a HUGE Dragonball Z fan. And you couldn't imagine my excitement when my parents brought these back for me from America. All your favorite characters are here in their child form - Goku, Bulma, Yamcha and many more.

This manga marks the very beginning of the huge Dragonball saga, in which we meet Son Goku, a monkey boy who lives alone since his foster grandfather, Son Gohan, died. All is normal for the innocent-hearted monkey boy, until he runs into Bulma, a young teen who has that famous attitude that we all dislike. Bulma is on a quest to search for the Dragonball's to wish for the perfect boyfriend. When she discovers that Goku has a Dragonball left to him before his grandfather passed away, she tries conning him into giving it to her. When Goku refuses, she tells him that he can keep the Dragonball with him, use it for the wish, and return home, if he comes along to help Bulma search for the Dragonballs. Goku agrees and the big adventure starts!

As they travel they run into many strange characters along the way; Kame Senn'in the master who trained Son Gohan, Yamcha, the desert bandit, Oolong the perverted pig, and many more. When I started reading this, not much happened for about 10 pages, but then the comedy and the story really started to pick up, as Goku and Bulma travel on their quest. Bare in mind that unlike Dragonball Z, this focuses more on humor than fighting, but this still has an epic story, and an absolute classic in the ever growing world of manga.

If you're new to Dragonball, you'll really enjoy this, and it will leave you wanting more. If you're a Dragonball fan, you will love this even more. The bottom line: go buy this!

A Classic title, for Dragonball fans and non-Dragonball fans alike

Written by B. Shamma on 01 Jan 2004


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