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ABYstyle Studio break the mould with Jumbo Grendizer
ABYstyle Studio break the mould with Jumbo Grendizer

ABYstyle Studio break the mould with Jumbo Grendizer

Written by Ross Locksley on 25 Jan 2023

ABYstyle have added a pre-order for their upcoming super-project, Go Nagai's classic Grendizer Jumbo! Standing at an impressive 60cm, the mecha will be able to replicate its "Screw Crusher Punch" and "Backhand Missile" attacks from the 70's show thanks to an array of accessories, which includes a missile launcher fist and 14 missiles.

For fans of classic mecha this is a premium collectable, and priced at 599 Euros. You can see the product listing at the ABYstyle official store,

Jumbo Grendizer by ABYstyle Studio

Early-bird pre-orders (placed before February 28th) will include additional extras:

  • 14 additional "Jap Heritage" missiles
  • Cover with exclusive artwork
  • Launch diorama in JUMBO format inside the pack

The robot includes the following interchangeable accessories:

  • 14 red and white missiles
  • 1 Magnetic Double Harken
  • 1 pair of luminescent horns
  • 1 luminescent bust
  • 1 die cast clip-on metal belt
  • 1 fist missile launcher with a capacity of 4 missiles
  • 2 additional fists

Product Features:

  • Articulated head and arms
  • Illuminated eyes, horns and bust powered by LR44 batteries
  • Optimized storage system for 14 missiles at shoulders level (2 missiles per shoulder) and legs (5 missiles per leg)
  • Ejecting fists to reproduce the Screw Crusher Punch attack
  • Folding casters
  • Height: 60cm
  • Width: 27.5cm
  • Depth: 13cm

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