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Arson attack on Kyoto Animation

Arson attack on Kyoto Animation
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

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GoFundMe have been in touch directly to give us the latest figures from this campaign. Over 40,000 donations have been received from 112 countries to raise more than $1.3 million for the families of those who lost their lives in this tragic event.

While this does not mitigate the devastating loss of life, it is heartwarming to see fans of Japanese culture come together to help the families of those who have brought all of us so much joy over the years.


Kyoto Animation, a studio which was renowned for the quality of their work and their generous treatment of employees in a rough business, has been subject to an arson attack by a 41 year old male who broke into the building at 10:30am on Thursday morning according to official Japanese sources.

The attacker is among the 36 injured currently in hospital and has been arrested. No motive has been offered at this time. Over 70 people were in the studio at the time of the attack.

While the fire was started on the first floor, Japanese fire officials have confirmed that every floor of the 3 storey building had been damaged. The fire was started by the intruder spraying a liquid and setting fire to it.  

Kyoto Animation was founded in 1981 by Yoko Hatta and has produced animation for A Silent Voice, Full Metal Panic, Clannad and Violet Evergarden among many others.

Sentai Filmworks, the Texan anime company, set up a crowdfunding appeal to help victims of the attack, and you can donate here.


The appeal has raised over $700,000 so far, thank you everyone who donated or shared the news, this is a wonderful achievement by the community.

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