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Astlibra Revision comes to Nintendo Switch
Astlibra Revision comes to Nintendo Switch

Astlibra Revision comes to Nintendo Switch

Written by Ross Locksley on 15 Nov 2023

Having already proven a hit on PC via Steam, Astlibra Revision lands on Nintendo Switch on November 16th. An incredible 14 years in development by a single programmer, the game is an action RPG with an incredible story and beautiful character designs. 

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About the Game:

A Story that Unfolds

A familiar backdrop story introduces the game as the protagonist's hometown is besieged by demons, setting the stage for an epic battle against the demon king.

However, Astlibra consistently hints at a more intricate narrative beneath the surface. While the story may appear unremarkable  it gradually evolves into something unexpected and captivating. This subversion of traditional plot elements extends to the characters you encounter and recruit, endearing them to you as comrades.

Venture Forth

ASTLIBRA Revision is broken up into multiple chapters as you join the leading character and Karon,his talking bird companion, as they confront time and their fate. Stamina, power and skill are essential as you aggressively face huge bosses that fill the screen  as a side scrolling action ceaselessly and fiercely continues. Collecting the  most appropriate weapons/equipment  is essential and strategic application is required to win a battle.

Facts & Features

  • Battles Galore with wide variety of enemies and bosses
  • Massive gameplay time - depending on the player's skill, more than 60 to 90 hours gameplay!
  • Unique and memorable experience
  • Magical Spells and Experience
  • 2D action, side-scrolling RPG 
  • Progressive gameplay
  • Large array of amour, weapons, shields, magic staves and projectiles
  • Crafting
  • Engaging Storyline 
  • Huge re-playability

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