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FunimationNow confirms spring 2016 Broadcast Dub schedule

FunimationNow confirms spring 2016 Broadcast Dub schedule
Andy Hanley

Author: Andy Hanley

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We're already approaching the halfway point of the spring season, but for those of you looking to enjoy some of Funimation Entertainment's current simulcasts in English a full schedule for the distributor's continuing Broadcast Dub strategy has now been confirmed.

Thus, the following shows will be getting the Broadcast Dub treatment via FunimationNow, complete with dates and times:

- My Hero Academia - Episode one is available with Broadcast Dub now, future episodes will arrive each week on Friday at 1AM.

- And you thought there is never a girl online? - Broadcast Dubs begin tomorrow, 11th May, with new episodes arriving each week in English at 1:30AM.

- Shonen Maid - Broadcast Dubs begin on 14th May, with episodes airing each Saturday at 12:30AM.

- Endride - Broadcast Dubs also begin for this series on 14th May, with a new episode arriving every Saturday at 7PM.

- Three Leaves, Three Colors - This series commences in English on 15th May, with episodes arriving every Sunday at 4PM.

Meanwhile, two winter season shows continue to receive the Broadcast Dub treatment:

- Assassination Classroom Season 2 - This on-going series sees new episodes arriving in English every Thursday at 12AM.

- Dimension W - The first nine episodes of this series have already been dubbed, but the final episodes will arrive on a weekly basis each Sunday at 5PM.

You can find all of these Broadcast Dubs as they arrive, and plenty more besides, on FunimationNow UK.

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