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UK Anime Network - News - Kuruko's Basketball LAST GAME arrives on Crunchyroll

Kuruko's Basketball LAST GAME arrives on Crunchyroll

Kuruko's Basketball LAST GAME arrives on Crunchyroll
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

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Crunchyroll have been in touch to announce that Kuroko's Basketball The Movie LAST GAME premieres today on the service for subscribers in the UK.

You can view the film right now on

About the film:

Kuroko's Basketball The Movie LAST GAME synopsis

Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga join the Seirin High School basketball team. In contrast with Kagami's exceptional talent, Kuroko has shocking little presence. However, Kuroko was the "Phantom Sixth Man" who played alongside the five prodigies known as Teiko Middle School's "Generation of Miracles." As they become famous for their "shadow" and "light" duo, they become the main force of the team, and the Seirin basketball team appears in the Winter Cup. After a fierce battle against the "Generation of Miracles," they finally become national champions.

As Kuroko and his classmates become second years and summer is ending, popular American street ball team "Jabberwock" comes to Japan. However, in what's supposed to be a friendly game, they crush the Japanese team with their overwhelming strength and mock Japanese basketball. Angered by their attitude, Riko's father Kagetora gathers Kuroko, Kagami, and the "Generation of Miracles" and challenges Jabberwock to a rematch! For one time only, the ultimate dream team "VORPAL SWORDS" is formed!!

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