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Live streaming Youtube channel Anileap launches today

Live streaming Youtube channel Anileap launches today

Written by Ross Locksley on 20 Mar 2023

King Record Co. have launched a new Youtube channel dedicated to streaming anime music 24/77. Much like the chill study channels, this is a way to listen to Japanese music in a casual fashion, from classic anime hits to the latest songs from the Reiwa (current) era. 

Visit the Anileap channel

The channel features background animation from NOSTALOOK and is meant to evoke a classic charm. The chamnel's mascot, Leap-chan, is featured prominently in each video. A promotional video was created for the channel, which you can enjoy below:

About the video:
This is an animation art project, which shows the nostalgic animation world from the 70s to 90s. They have been releasing all kinds of animation on SNS. Especially their original animation called, "Romantic Ammonite”, which has reproduced the 90s TV anime’s trailer has been talked about a lot.

They created the animation for the music videos of famous artists inside and outside of Japan including British artist Dua Lipa’s song “levitating” and Sexy Zone’s song "THE FINEST”. They also created the artwork of “Farfetch”, which is the leading fashion shopping site overseas. They produce illustrations, movies, and goods and their activity has always been diverse.

You can follow NOSTALOOK at the following social media sites:

Twitter: @Nostalook7090
Instagram:  nostalook7090

You can also keep an eye on King Creative at their official website, twitter account @kac_officialhp or Youtube Channel.

Ross Locksley
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