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New Releases - 9th May 2016

New Releases - 9th May 2016
Andy Hanley

Author: Andy Hanley

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It's Monday. Are you excited at the prospect of the week ahead? No? Perhaps you'll be a little more enthused once we've run through the week's new releases.

It's to Manga Entertainment that we turn first, as they once again enjoy the fruits of having a finger in the Ghost in the Shell pie by bringing us Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie on DVD and Blu-ray. This film may be tainted by its association with the less popular Arise reboot of its concept, but don't be fooled, The New Movie is a Good Movie, as we discuss in our review of the film.

Meanwhile, sister label Animatsu Entertainment have also got a new release for us today, with Golden Time Collection 2 arriving on both DVD and Blu-ray. We've just this second published our thoughts on this second half of the romantic comedy series, which you can find right here.

Finally, we come to MVM Entertainment's new entry for this week, with The Familiar of Zero F arriving as a Complete Series Collection on DVD and Blu-ray. Our impressions of this release are available for your perusal over here.

Meanwhile, it's a very quiet week for new manga, with releases consisting of new volumes of The Seven Deadly Sins and What Did You Eat Yesterday?

Next week sees Psycho-Pass 2 arrive in the UK on home video, while the first season of Love Live officially lands on Blu-ray. Until then, take care!

New anime releases
The Familiar of Zero F - Complete Series Collection (DVD, Blu-ray)
Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie (DVD, Blu-ray)
Golden Time - Collection 2 (DVD, Blu-ray)

New manga releases
The Seven Deadly Sins - Volume 14
What Did You Eat Yesterday? - Volume 10

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