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UK Anime Network - News - Promare opens in UK cinemas on 26th November

Promare opens in UK cinemas on 26th November

Promare opens in UK cinemas on 26th November
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

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Promare will be opening in cinemas across the UK, starting with subtitled screenings from November 26th, and dubbed showings from teh 29th November.

From the Press Release:

Get caught up in a visceral fever dream of giant robots, exhilarating over-the-top fire fights, and delightfully chaotic visual flair with “PROMARE”, the first anime feature film from the brains behind “Gurren Lagann” and “Kill la Kill”!

From the moment Studio Trigger first unleashed “Kill la Kill” on the world, we’ve been enthralled by their unique mix of intense, flamboyant action and well-developed characters that have made it and the likes of “SSSS.GRIDMAN” such celebrated fan favourites. Anyone already familiar with their work may have had an idea of the undiluted joy that awaits them, yet Studio Trigger’s first feature film exceeds expectations as a culmination of Imaishi’s work that needs to be experienced sprawling across the big screen.

On both technical and narrative levels, PROMARE is an absolute joy ride not to be missed!

Key Talent:

Key Talent:
Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi (“Gurren Lagann”)
Written by Kazuki Nakashima (“Kill la Kill”)
Music by Hiroyuki Sawano (“Attack on Titan”)
Produced by Studio Trigger (“Kill la Kill”), XFlag (“Dororo”)

Japanese Cast:
Kenichi Matsuyama (“Death Note”)
Taichi Saotome (“Bleach”)
Masato Sakai (“The Wonderful World of Captain Kuhio”)
Ayane Sakura (“My Hero Academia”)
Hiroyuki Yoshino (“Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood”)

English Dub Cast:
Billy Kametz (“The Rising of the Shield Hero”)
Johnny Yong Bosch (“Bleach”)
Crispin Freeman (“Naruto”)
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld (“Pokémon”)
Billy Bob Thompson (“Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us”)


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