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UK Anime Network - News - Raging Loop horror visual novel coming later this year courtesy of Pqube

Raging Loop horror visual novel coming later this year courtesy of Pqube

Raging Loop horror visual novel coming later this year courtesy of Pqube
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

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Pqube has announced via twitter details of their new release titled Raging Loop. The game is described as a psychological horror and will be released later this year on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

From the website:

Immerse yourself in a thrilling psychological horror story taking place in the secluded Japanese village of Yasumizu. A heavy mist surrounds the place, preventing everyone from ever leaving. Ancient Gods have come back to hunt the villagers down one by one. The feast has begun, can you escape the village alive?

About the game:

The game is a tribute to Japanese folklore, with the game's protagonist Haruaki Fusaishi visiting a remote settlement in the mountainous region of Japan. The game will feature a branching and complex story, with a branching map provided in game allowing to to rewind the story and try different actions to unlock new outcomes. 

Raging Loop also features a Revelation mode - once completed you can return to the game and see events from new perspectives. Due to the nature of the game, you will die numerous times, unlocking new information each time you perish.

You can visit the official website here.

Raging Loop Trailer:

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