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Steam Prison announced from MangaGamer at ACEN

Steam Prison announced from MangaGamer at ACEN

Written by Ross Locksley on 20 May 2024

Visual Novel specialist MangaGamer have announced a new license at Anime Central, the sequel to Steam Prison by HuneX - Steam Prison, Beyond the Steam. Set in a desert world of mystery and intrigue, the game offers multiple paths and romance for fans of the genre.

The release will see a simultaneous worldwide release, with the localisation provided by MangaGamer for PC and Nintendo Switch. 

About the Game:
This third entry to the world of Steam Prison presents two new tales for our heroine, Cyrus. A New Theory, presents a new, alternative take on the original tale where Sachsen is the one to meet Cyrus instead of Ines, leading to her involvement with the HOUNDS and a new romantic ending with fan-favorite Sachsen.

The Cainabel Story follows the Grand Ending of the original Steam Prison as Cyrus and her party of handsome men journey to the new desert kingdom of Cainabel, where Cyrus meets with either the younger king, Jevite - a friendly, capable young man who burns hot like the sun as he investigates the former king's passing, or the older king, Jereme - a stoic beacon for his people, as introspective as the moon while he tries to secure his kingdom's future.

Key Features:

  • Dramatic Storyline: The world of Steam Prison can be seen as a dark dystopia, but there's always light to be found within their unreasonable world and the hard choices its people are forced to make.

  • New Characters and New Endings: With both the Cainabel Story and A New Theory, Beyond the Steam adds three new romanceable characters, three different main scenarios, and over a dozen different endings for over 20 hours of brand new content.

  • Unlockable Bonus Episodes: Beyond the Steam also includes new, unlockable bonus episodes for each of the original game's romanceable characters.

  • Brand-New Minigame: Enjoy Petit Prison, a fully-voiced spot-the-difference mini-game featuring cute, chibi renditions of the characters.

  • Marriage?!: Fans will finally have the chance to see Cyrus get married to their love interests in the game!

What will Cyrus learn from the handsome kings of Cainabel? Can she truly help guide them and their nation toward a better future? And what about her own future? Surely the mysteries and strange experiences of Cainable will light her way...

If you want to find out more, you can join MangaGamer on their DiscordTwitter and Facebook accounts. You can also check out their blog for comments from the staff and other featured articles!


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