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Story of Seasons - Friends of Mineral Town Press pack
Robert Mullarkey
Written by Robert Mullarkey on 12 Jun 2020

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Story of Seasons - Friends of Mineral Town Press pack

The good Folks at Marvelous Games have sent us this press pack to celebrate the upcoming release of Story of Seasons - Friends of Mineral Town for the Nintendo switch.

The pack includes a letter detailing the main focus of the game, in which you the player inherit a rundown farm that you must restore it to it's former glory using a key and various other items, all of which have a focus towards forming relationships and farming.  There is also an envelope filled with sepia toned photographs,  a bag of bird feed (which can actually be used, a box of seeds, some stickers and a Frisbee (as dogs feature in the game). 

Its a nice pack that encapsulates the spirit of the game, which will be available from July 10th 2020 on Nintendo Switch.

More information can be found here

Here's a look at all the goodies that came through the post:






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