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Princess Arete - Free on YouTube
Princess Arete - Free on YouTube

Princess Arete - Free on YouTube

Written by Robert Frazer on 19 Mar 2023

When it comes to anime on YouTube our cup runneth over, for yet more complete anime movies are being made available online for our delectation, all for free!

The official YouTube account of Studio 4°C - an anime studio highly regarded for animating the famous Memories anthology and the award-winning Children of the Sea - has recently made a public upload of its 2001 anime movie. Princess Arete. The film was directed by Sunao Katabuchi, who despite his most famous credit being the action extravaganza Black Lagoon this time made a gentle, quiet fairy tale that has sometimes been compared to the works of Studio Ghibli.

While we found Princess Arete to be fairly underwhelming when we reviewed it here on the UK Anime Network a few years ago, nonetheless it is good to see anime studios making their classic features accessible and we thank Studio 4°C for their efforts to reach out to new audiences - even if we didn't like it, we encourage everyone to watch to see what positive qualities that you can appreciate. Make sure to catch it while you can, though, as the film has only been made available for a limited time and Princess Arete will be removed from Studio 4°C's YouTube channel again a month from now on the 17th April.

View Princess Arete streaming online at this link.

Princess Arete is in Japanese language with English subtitles. The film is rated '12'.

Robert Frazer
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