UKA Release Calendar

UKA Release Calendar

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Isolator, The - Sect. 001: The Biter

A dark, engaging and entertaining tale kicks off a series that we'd love to see more of.

No Game No Life Vol. 1

Beautifully drawn and with a wry wit, the book could be great with a little less sex and a lot more plot.

Wolfsmund - Vols. 5-6

A thrilling story of a dramatic battle that becomes rather aimless once that battle is won.

Log Horizon - Series 1 Part 2

More revelations abound in this continuation of the series.

My Wife is the Student Council President - Eps. 1-3

Choose your own adventure - boobs or no boobs?

Knights of Sidonia - Complete Series 1 Collection

If you can look beyond the flaws in its CG presentation, Knights of Sidonia is an utterly gripping sci-fi series that utilises its premise brilliantly.


A small but well garnished dessert to follow on from the main course of NekoPara.

Dragonball XenoVerse (PS4)

A game very much of two halves, with one significantly better than the other.

Hana Mutou Nendoroid

Another great release for the highly popular line - Captain Earth fans won’t be disappointed.

Ang Lee Trilogy

Three of Ang Lee's early movies on UK DVD for the first time. Warm, funny and thought provoking, this long-awaited Ang Lee box set is a veritable feast of entertainment.

Happiness of the Katakuris, The

15 years later, The Happiness of the Katakuris has lost none of its crazy charm and this new HD re-release is a worthy way to honour its longevity.

Concrete Clouds

Flawed yet interesting, first-time director Lee Chatametikool has crafted an impressive if frustrating début full of wistful melancholy.
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