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UKA Release Calendar

UKA Release Calendar

All incoming Anime & Manga releases listed.

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Wolfsmund - Vols. 5-6

A thrilling story of a dramatic battle that becomes rather aimless once that battle is won.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Vols. 1-14

Evangelion sets the bar for how to adapt a work to another medium.

Sword Art Online: Girls' Ops - Vol. 1

Girls' Ops promises a chance to learn more about Sword Art Online's female cast, and then fails almost entirely to deliver on that possibility to leave a decidedly mediocre story in its stead.

Plastic Memories

An exciting concept gives way to an ocean of wasted potential as what should have been thought-provoking subject matter is jettisoned in favour of romantic comedy.

Bleach: Series 15 Part 2

An improvement over the first half of this story arc that provides more entertainment and some touching moments to lead into the final episodes of the series.

Kill la Kill - Part 3 (Collector's Edition)

There's less content to enjoy in this final volume of Kill la Kill, but everything it offers makes for a wonderfully entertaining finale to the series.

Dragonball XenoVerse (PS4)

A game very much of two halves, with one significantly better than the other.

Hana Mutou Nendoroid

Another great release for the highly popular line - Captain Earth fans won’t be disappointed.

Sakura Angels

A very simple and short visual novel that doesn't provide enough of a story - or anything else - for it to be memorable.

King of Fists and Dollars

A fairly typical late 70s kung-fu movie with a starry cast, King of Fists and Dollars ultimately fails to make its mark.

Salute! Sun Yat-Sen

A charming coming of age tale meets comedic heist caper, Salute! Sun Yat-Sen is another whimsical Taiwanese youth movie from the director of Blue Gate Crossing.


Not quite as strong as some of the genre's landmark movies, but Retaliation nevertheless offers exciting action delivered with style.
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