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UKA Release Calendar

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Time of EVE: The Movie Deluxe Edition Review
Time of EVE: The Movie Deluxe Edition

A masterpiece of modern science fiction; arguably one of the best animated science fiction films of all time and almost certainly one of the most thought provoking, wrapped up in a smart package which overflows with extras and oozes value for money.

The Sacred Blacksmith Review
The Sacred Blacksmith

While it's not going to give Haruhi a run for her money, this is nonetheless an entertaining and exciting series in its own right.

Expelled from Paradise Review
Expelled from Paradise

A beautiful view of our dystopian post-corporeal future.

[Review] A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 2 Collection - megalomaniac

Napping Princess (Theatrical Screening) - andrewbcalculating

The Crunchyroll guest pass giveaway thread - megalomaniac

[Review] ERASED - Part One - megalomaniac

[Review] Welcome to the Ballroom - Eps. 1-3 - megalomaniac

A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 2 Collection

A thrilling all-rounder that passes with flying colours across the board.

Napping Princess (Theatrical Screening)

Kenji Kamiyama delivers a fun and imaginative family film

ERASED - Part One

A series you won’t want to erase your memories of any time soon.

One Piece - Collection 16

Some of the best episodes One Piece has to offer, but somewhat diluted by filler and a drop in animation quality.

Tenchi Muyo OVA Collector's Edition

Tenchi Muyo OVA Collection is a must have remaster of the classic anime series.