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UKA Release Calendar

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Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, The Review
Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, The

A wonderful insight into the world of Studio Ghibli

Dolls Review

Re-released in stunning high definition, Kitano's vibrant yet melancholy exploration of doomed love remains as moving, if enigmatic, as ever.

Sweet Little Lies Review
Sweet Little Lies

A beautiful, painful experience, this is a delicate examination of complicated human emotions. Hitoshi Yazaki has created an exceptionally well crafted, thoughtful film which deserves wider recognition.

[Review] We Are X - shanaleonhart

[Review] Cops vs Thugs - Hanners

[Video] Through the mailbox: We Are X - Hanners

[Review] Destruction Babies - Hanners

[Review] Dead or Alive Trilogy - Hanners

We Are X

Insightful, powerful, fun and with big hair to boot!

Cops vs Thugs

Cops or thugs, the differences are immaterial in Kinji Fukasaku's gleefully cynical gangster drama.

Destruction Babies

Unrelenting and ultimately unnecessary.

Dead or Alive Trilogy

Takashi Miike's existential trilogy showcases the director's well known talent for the surreal, but its message is a melancholy filled with the inevitability of violence and defeat.


E Oni's taught sociological thriller begins and ends as the story of a stolen child, but the path it takes is a dark one through social inequality and female suffering.