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Kiju Yoshida: Love Plus Anarchism Review
Kiju Yoshida: Love Plus Anarchism

A long overdue introduction to this extremely important yet little seen director, this comprehensive box set of Yoshida's 'political trilogy' is an essential watch for any serious Japanese cinema fan.

Snake of June, A Review
Snake of June, A

Strange and surreal, Tsukamoto's 'blue movie' odyssey may prove too bizarre for some but provides a refreshingly progressive perspective on female empowerment shot through with a hearty dose of surrealism.

Hana-bi Review

Still undoubtedly cool after all these years, this new HD restoration of a classic of 90s Japanese cinema continues to prove an intensely moving experience.

[Review] Black Society Trilogy - Hanners

[Review] Toshiaki Toyoda: The Early Years - Hanners

[Review] Lowlife Love - Hanners

[Review] The Last Princess - Hanners

[Review] Kai (Theatrical screening) - Hanners

Black Society Trilogy

A trio of early entries from the ever expanding Miike canon, the Black Society Trilogy is an apt reminder of the director's skill.

Toshiaki Toyoda: The Early Years

A long overdue opportunity to revisit Toyoda's early career, this three disc set includes some of the best examples of indie cinema from the last 20 years.

Lowlife Love

A long way away from 'A Star Is Born', this is a guide to making movies graduated from the School Of Hard Knocks.

Last Princess, The

A largely fictionalised historical biopic, The Last Princess aligns the tragic tale of its titular heroine with that of its nation.

Kai (Theatrical screening)

An interesting, if fairly dull, take on a classic fairy tale, Kai is let down by poor production values and an unbalanced narrative but may prove entertaining to younger audiences.