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UKA Release Calendar

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Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, The Review
Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, The

A wonderful insight into the world of Studio Ghibli

After Life Review
After Life

As humble and low-key as it is, After Life is a deeply affecting character study that takes a premise that’s as downbeat and ‘final’ as they come, but turns that sad event into something life-affirming and full of hope.

Like Someone in Love Review
Like Someone in Love

An elusive but beguiling drama that may frustrate some with its ambiguity but fascinate others for the same reason.

[Review] Dead or Alive Trilogy - Hanners

[Review] Missing - Hanners

[Review] Ghost in the Shell - Hanners

[Review] A Quiet Dream - Hanners

[Video] Under the Covers: The Criterion Collection - Lone Wolf and Cub - Hanners

Dead or Alive Trilogy

Takashi Miike's existential trilogy showcases the director's well known talent for the surreal, but its message is a melancholy filled with the inevitability of violence and defeat.


E Oni's taught sociological thriller begins and ends as the story of a stolen child, but the path it takes is a dark one through social inequality and female suffering.

Ghost in the Shell

A solid effort (but I miss the Tachikoma!)

Quiet Dream, A

Zhang Lu's eleventh feature is an elusive fever dream, but one marked with good humour and the glow of human warmth.

Black Society Trilogy

A trio of early entries from the ever expanding Miike canon, the Black Society Trilogy is an apt reminder of the director's skill.