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Win Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis

UK Anime Network podcast - August 2014

We squeeze in on the cusp of August's end for a special (and long!) discussion revolving around the use of Kickstarter to fund anime projects.

Voice Acting Titan: The Bryce Papenbrook Interview

Rin Okumura, Kazuto Kirigaya, Eren Jaeger... one man has played all of these massive roles for their English language treatments, and we got the chance to talk to the man behind these heroes and more besides!

Weekly merchandise / figure round-up (29/08/2014)

What new merchandise will tempt you to splash the cash this week?

Weekly merchandise / figure round-up (15/08/2014)

It's time to figure out what merchandise will be draining your wallet this week via our usual round-up.

An interview with Tsugi's Nicolas Fournel

We spoke with the founder of Tsugi, Nicolas Fournel, who looked to Niigata as the home for their software development studio, about moving to Japan to work and the highlights of his current location.

Weekly merchandise / figure round-up (08/08/2014)

Another week's supply of hot new anime merchandise!

A chat with United Publications

Ross chats to United Publication's Martin Dudman about 20 years in the industry.

Interview: Nagi Yanagi at Hyper Japan 2014

Talented singer and song-writer Nagi Yanagi was just one of the many Japanese artists who made their presence felt at this year's Hyper Japan - we got some time to chat with her about her career to date.

Weekly merchandise / figure round-up (01/08/2014)

Will the start of August bring us an august selection of new anime merchandise?

UK Anime Network podcast - July 2014

It's a summer spectacular this month, as Andy and Elliot are joined by Dan Barnett to talk about the new anime season in detail.

Weekly merchandise / figure round-up (25/07/2014)

What will persuade you to part with your cash this week?

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