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Win Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis

Are two Blu-Rays better than one?

Is one 50GB Blu-Ray disc enough to hold an entire anime series with satisfactory video quality? We investigate.

Circular Justice - An interview with Gen Takahashi

As we've often seen in Japanese cinema, getting involved with the Japanese legal system is an absurd and often futile process. Gen Takahashi's latest film takes a look at the many problems and contradictions in the Japanese court system and we sat down with him to talk about the law and cinema at the film's UK premiere.

UK Anime Network podcast - March 2014

It's out with the old and in with the new for this month's podcast, as we say say goodbye to the winter and look at our highlights for the spring anime season.

Spring 2014 anime preview

Spring has sprung, bringing with it not only lambs and foals but also lots of new anime. We take a look at what you'll be wanting to stay in for in spite of the sunshine outdoors.

Weekly merchandise / figure round-up (28/02/2014)

New staff member Jenny supplies her first round-up of the week's latest figures and merchandise.

UK Anime Network podcast - February 2014

In this month's podcast, we delight in the simple joys of Hidamari Sketch, talk about what else we've been watching and tackle a slew of your questions.

Terrestrial Language - Yasuhiro Yoshiura interview

To promote the theatrical release of Patema Inverted in the UK later this year, we sat down to talk to the film's director Yasuhiro Yoshiura about his life and work.

Who is East Asia Television?

Many of you would love to see anime given prominence on broadcast TV, and East Asia Television are promising just that. But can they deliver? We investigate.

UK Anime Network podcast - January 2014

A New Year also means a new anime season, and Elliot Page and Andy Hanley are joined by fellow contributor Dan Barnett to talk about the winter 2014 season.

UK Anime Guide to Shopping in Japan

It's the age old anime fan's dilemma: You love all things anime and manga, you’re in Japan, but where do you go to spend all your hard earned Yen? That’s where we come in, with our handy dandy UK Anime Guide to Shopping in Japan.

The 2013 UK Anime Network Awards

As the year comes to a close, it's time to don our tuxedos and break out the champagne for the 2013 UK Anime Network Awards, including the announcement of your Reader's Choice winner!

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