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UKA Release Calendar

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Ultraman - Vol. 1

A fine return to the Ultraman universe, with great art and a solid premise.

Kill la Kill - Vol. 1

Fine for newcomers, but as a die-straight rendering of the original anime if you've already watched that then there's no reason to read this.

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

It gives gross-out guffaws to be an effective gag(ging) manga, but it's too brief to be more than a quick 'n' very-dirty one-shot.

Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen Collection

One for the already-converted fans of the franchise, and not without its flaws.

Eccentric Family, The - Collector's Edition

A delightful, original bouquet of supernatural scrapes, jolly japes and colourful capers. Absolutely essential viewing for anyone who wants a bit more out of his anime.

Mobile Suit Gundam - Part 1

Though getting on a bit in the looks department, the show that started so much still remains essential viewing.

Superbeat Xonic (PS Vita)

An addictive and challenging rhythm game.

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (Nintendo 3DS)

A fun addition to the Hatsune Miku franchise


A small but well garnished dessert to follow on from the main course of NekoPara.

Ode to My Father

A syrupy if affecting family melodrama which charts 50 years of turbulent Korean history, Ode to My Father is a fitting tribute to a generation who endured much suffering in order to build a better world for their children.


An unsubtle yet hugely fun retro action comedy which sees popular Korean action auteur Ryoo Seung-wan back at the top of his game.

Kiju Yoshida: Love Plus Anarchism

A long overdue introduction to this extremely important yet little seen director, this comprehensive box set of Yoshida's 'political trilogy' is an essential watch for any serious Japanese cinema fan.
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