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UKA Release Calendar

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Isolator, The - Sect. 001: The Biter

A dark, engaging and entertaining tale kicks off a series that we'd love to see more of.

No Game No Life Vol. 1

Beautifully drawn and with a wry wit, the book could be great with a little less sex and a lot more plot.

Wolfsmund - Vols. 5-6

A thrilling story of a dramatic battle that becomes rather aimless once that battle is won.

Charlotte - Eps. 4-13

Charlotte is a series with an ambitious scope almost beyond compare, but it simply doesn't have enough time to do it justice.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic - Series 2 Part 1

One Thousand and One Nights was never this much fun!

Captain Earth - Part 2

As soon as things start moving forward you’ll wish they’d go backwards again.


A small but well garnished dessert to follow on from the main course of NekoPara.

Dragonball XenoVerse (PS4)

A game very much of two halves, with one significantly better than the other.

Hana Mutou Nendoroid

Another great release for the highly popular line - Captain Earth fans won’t be disappointed.

Snake of June, A

Strange and surreal, Tsukamoto's 'blue movie' odyssey may prove too bizarre for some but provides a refreshingly progressive perspective on female empowerment shot through with a hearty dose of surrealism.


A true landmark of world cinema available in HD in the UK for the first time, Rashomon is an enduring classic of world cinema.

Ultraman X Eps. 1-7

A worthy, albeit market-driven, addition to Japan’s iconic franchise.
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