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Making Zelda playable in Breath of the Wild 2

Should Zelda be playable in the next adventure?

Author: Olly Smith


Japanese cultural updates in the UK


All the good (and bad) stuff!
Gleylancer (Switch)
21 Oct 2021
Gleylancer (Switch)
Mashle - Vol. 1
19 Oct 2021
Mashle - Vol. 1
Live Action
Pink Films Vol. 5 & 6
18 Oct 2021
Pink Films Vol. 5 & 6
Seitokai Yakuindomo Collection
Edens Zero
29 Sep 2021
Edens Zero
Multi Mind Mayhem Vol. 1


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Trials of Mana Brings Arts Duran and Angela

"Nicely painted, good materials but some odd design decisions and tolerences do mar the lustre a little. But if you love these characters and have some patience, you'll treasure them."

Author: Ross Locksley