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Kodansha Fantasy Sale

Kodansha Fantasy Sale
James Taylor
Author: James Taylor

I take photos, develop websites and visit Japan a lot!

Kodansha are at it again with another great deal to try a new series for only 69p on Comixology, Nook, Kindle and more.

"To start out with, volumes 1’s of all our fantasy manga on digital for only 99¢!
And if you like what you’re reading, keep going—because the all other volumes are up to 50% off!"

"And to make it even easier for you, we’ve put some of the series available as a complete series bundles up to 60% off!"

The titles include Cage of Eden, Fairy Tail, Happiness, Land of the Lustrous and To Your Etrernity.

You can find the full list on Kodansha's own site. The sale ends May 14th.

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