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Viewster streaming The Rolling Girls to the UK

Viewster streaming The Rolling Girls to the UK

Written by A. H. on 24 Jan 2015

Frustrated at the selection of hot shows that aren't streaming to the UK this winter? Fear not, for streaming service Viewster is doing its part to bring at least some of those series to our shores.

Thus, we can now confirm that Viewster will be streaming Wit Studio's original series The Rolling Girls to the UK via their service, with the first two episodes currently available at the time of writing. In a Japan whose prefectures have been shattered and split into individual nations, and ten years after the so-called "Great Tokyo War", the country is ruled over by clans and their armies, so-called "mobs". The series follows one such all-girl mob as they ride around the country as mediators in the conflicts which still break out across the land.

You can find the series to view on the Viewster web site.

Another addition to the site's winter line-up is Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, which is also available to UK viewers on Crunchyroll - we reviewed the first three episodes right here on the site, but you can also check it out on this Viewster page.

These aren't the only winter streaming series Viewster has locked up for the UK this winter either, so expect more announcements in a similar vein soon!

A. H.

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